How We Helped A Credit Organisation Increase The Number Of Conversions By 5% While Maintaining The CPL At Around 6.5$

Overview & Challenge

The client is is a New Zealand-based credit organization specializing in providing quick personal loans ranging from $200 to $20,000. 

The organization offers a wide variety of loan types, including car, emergency, wedding, holiday, and unsecured loans. The online loan application process takes no more than two minutes, and loan approvals are typically made within two hours. 

The primary challenge for the client was increasing the number of loan applicants while maintaining the target cost per lead (CPL) for applied loans.

The Solution

Account Restructuring

We restructured the account to align with the client's loan offerings, improving ad relevance and CTR. Special campaigns were launched for holidays and events like Christmas and Black Friday.

Enhanced Conversions

We implemented the enhanced conversion feature, providing more signals for Google's algorithm, boosting conversions by an average of 5%.

New Keyword Research

We did a new keyword research to come up with a new list of relevant keywords and create a solid negative keyword list.

The Results

Number of Conversions Increased

New account and campaigns structure helped to to gain more relevant traffic, thus increasing the conversions volume.

Cost Per Lead Maintained

While increasing the number of conversions, we managed to remain client’s target CPL at around $6.5.

The Ad Relevance Improved

Enhanced Conversion Implementation helped to increase the number of conversions by 5%.